Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) Initialed Crew Patch 4 3/4″

The US crew patches are very rare. This is a fully embroidered 4 3/4" crew patch.

Whilst there is some question as to whether the above patch is really a distinct version, there is one design of patch which we can unhesistatingly call a Crew Patch as, like the Apollo 17 crew before them, the ASTP crew had a set of special oversize (4¾") patches made with the initials of each crew member sewn into the design.

These initialed Crew Patches, produced in a run of just 150 examples per crew member by AB Emblem, were never available commercially. However, examples from what was likely a production overrun came to market in 2005/6. By my count there were roughly 86 TPS, 73 VDB and 66 DKS patches sold at this time.

These oversize patches are easy to recognize from their size alone, plus each patch has the initials of one of the crew members sewn in the border at the bottom. This patch displays the initials "D.K.S." for Donald "Deke" Slayton.  This patch is in mint condition.  Please see pictures for accurate condition.

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