About Us

An Auction House, Born Out of Charity.

Charles Jeffrey has been a volunteer at the American Space Museum in Titusville Florida for many years, serving on the Board of Directors as well as serving as the museum’s Collections Analyst.  Several years ago, the museum needed significant repairs and upgrades.  Mr. Jeffrey proposed to the Board of Directors the idea of a charity auction.

Charles said, “I had never thought about or organized an auction, but had participated in several as a collector and buyer so, I decided to put together and run a charity auction for the museum.”  In 2015, he conducted his first charity auction for the museum, and has conducted dozens since then, helping to realize the promise of many educational programs at the museum as well as funding the needed upgrades.

“In the course of helping the museum, I fell in love with auctioneering,”  Charles said.  “I went on to get my State Auctioneer’s License and opened this company.  It was my desire to help an awesome organization that preserves the history and serves the greater good.

Bid Again Auctions is the result.


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